Runt release show part 2 at Triple Rock tonight


Did you miss part one? Is your pocketbook yet more meager and starved than it was on Monday? Are your ears still in a famine of new sound? Don’t fret. The Runt compilation, a twenty track sampler of local music assembled by Baby Guts’ Taylor Motari, is too unruly a beast for just one release party. After Unicorn Basement, Baby Guts, A Paper Cup Band, and Atomic Annie (who has, for the record, the best between-song banter of any band in town) played to an unusually large Monday crowd at the Triple Rock, the Runt party is back for more.

Those who missed Motari’s dissertation on the clairvoyance of Surge commercials on Monday would do well to make penance by attending tonight’s show, yet again at the Triple Rock, and still as free as Nelson Mandela. This time around, Kitten Forever, The Sleaze, Les Deux Magots (who ranks among the most overlooked acts in town), The Vignettes and Peddlers will celebrate all things rough and hand-sewn. Tonight’s show will pack just the kind of sonic punch to straighten out your slumping work week. Damn the drizzle-- it’s time to get stupid in glorious monophonics.