Runaways movie trailer debuts, Dakota Fanning still not rock 'n' roll

There are surely several hundred music critics who would like to smack the casting director for this one. The Runaways '70s rock-n-roll biopic stars Kristen Stewart as Runaways standout Joan Jett and Dakota Fanning as lead singer Cherie Currie. Just because Stewart was in a movie about vampires doesn't mean she's suddenly badass as Jett. And when has Dakota Fanning ever been rock n' roll? (Going from Uptown Girls with Brittany Murphy to this gem certainly had its challenges, I'm sure.) Either way, curiosity killed the cat, and perhaps that was the point.

Who would you have cast? Our vote for Joan: Kate Moennig from the L Word. For Cherie: Chloe Sevigny.

THE RUNAWAYS will screen at the Walker Art Center on Saturday, March 13 as part of their Women With Vision film festival.