Rumor: Is Justin Bieber buying a Lake Minnetonka summer home? (Spoiler: No)

Biebs swaggin' at the Grammys

Biebs swaggin' at the Grammys

Is the Biebs getting ready to purify his sexy Canadian body in Lake Minnetonka? 

That was the question spurred Tuesday by unsubstantiated online gossip. Social media accounts exploded with excitement, rage, anticipation, shock, longing, joy, and fear about the possibility of Justin Bieber eyeballing lakeside summer home property in the affluent Twin Cities suburbs.

Turns out it was all a cruel hoax. 

Here's "Bieber" "talking" to a "magazine," according to MBY News, the "fantasy news site" that perpetuated the unfounded rumor:

"I’ve been thinking about doing this for a while. I love the idea of having a house on a lake and the scenery at Lake Minnetonka is just so beautiful. I just want to move to a place that feels so different than what I’ve been used to for most of my life and I think this will be a great place to spend summers." 

Another dubiously sourced quote comes from his "assistant":


"Justin immediately fell in love with the relaxed lifestyle of the lake community and the lake’s tranquil beauty and was telling everyone that he was going to move there." 

Here's the disclaimer that appears on MBY News, the same website that wonders aloud if Katy Perry is buying a home in Portland, Maine. 

"Thong Song" hitmaker Sisqó randomly ended up in Maple Grove, so he'll have to satisfy our flyover hunger for celebrity validation.  And, of course, we'll always have Prince's bunker in nearby Chanhassen and Bob Dylan's ranch in Hanover, Minnesota. 

The celeb in question is still enjoying a smoldering career, though. Beibs is currently dominating the pop charts with three successive smash singles — "What Do You Mean?," "Sorry," and "Love Yourself" — from his solid 2015 comeback album, Purpose. His current world tour hits Target Center on June 19

During the Purpose album cycle, the 22-year-old pop phenom seems determined to avoid the self-destructive tabloid antics that kept the nation's moms so enthralled. In a Billboard cover story last year, he focuses on attending church while avoiding talk of public urination, brothels, drag racing, illegal monkeys, deportation efforts, and landing in jail. Ya know, the good stuff. 

In October, however, his dick pix from Bora Bora captivated the world's imagination. For a beautiful, fleeting moment, it appeared as though similar cameos might go down at Big Island and dockside at Lord Fletcher's. Shake your first skyward toward an absent God accordingly.