Ruby Isle's Guns N' Roses cover album pulled from iTunes

Ruby Isle at Voltage 2010
Ruby Isle at Voltage 2010
Photo by Ben Clark

When we first wrote about Ruby Isle's new Guns N' Roses cover album, Appetite for Destruction, and posted one of their mp3s back in November, we were musing over the possible legal ramifications of such a brazen appropriation of another band's work.

"They will probably get sued by Axl, but how cool would that be!" their publicist joked last fall.

But today, we got word that Ruby Isle's Appetite has been pulled from the internet, and the band won't be able to sell physical copies of the disc at their upcoming CD-release show.

"As we know right now, some legal action is in the works and they have made the band take the album off of iTunes," writes their publicist. "And funny thing is they most likely will not be able to sell the album at the CD-release show at the Triple Rock!"

This new development didn't seem to faze the band's publicity team, who were quick to mention that "AOL SPINNER will be hosting a stream of the record all next week so people can hear it for free."

More updates are expected soon from Ruby Isle's label, Kindercore, who posted the following announcement on its blog today:

Kindercore is confused to announce that Ruby Isle's song for song remake of Guns N' Roses' "Appetite for Destruction" has been removed from online music outlets and record stores and will no longer be available for purchase online or anywhere. Just in time, Ruby Isle is scheduled to play a release show for Appetite at The Triple Rock Social Club in Minneapolis, MN on Saturday, January 29th.

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