Ruby Isle dropping free Guns 'n Roses mp3s like they're hot


Mark Mallman as Axl Rose? Yes please. Mallman's side project with Dan Geller and drummer Aaron LeMay is getting ready to drop their front-to-back remake of Guns N' Roses' Appetite for Destruction, and are scattering mp3s from the record across local music blogs.

Gimme Noise has the exclusive mp3 of one of the deeper cuts off the album, "Nightrain," which you can download here:

[jump] mp3: Ruby Isle, "Nightrain" (Guns N' Roses cover)

And for your mp3-scavenging needs, we've rounded up a few of the other Ruby Isle tracks floating around the interwebs this week: See the Star Tribune's site for "Welcome to the Jungle," see MFR for "My Michelle," and Sound Cloud blog badassstuff has "Paradise City."

The full album of covers drops November 8, and will feature Har Mar Superstar on "Sweet Child o' Mine" and appearances by Mallman's Waxx Maxx bandmate Nicole Godiva.

The band's publicist has also been bragging that Ruby Isle didn't clear the rights to use any of the songs with Rose and his team of legal pals: "They will probably get sued by Axl, but how cool would that be!"