Royal drama: Yo! Majesty's Shunda K. overthrown by newly-freed Jwl B.?


     Jwl B (left) and now-solo Shunda K., back when things were harmonious

Several weeks ago, Gimme Noise posted a Q&A with Shunda K of Yo! Majesty, the lesbians-for-God party rap duo that pared down to a solo since other member Jwl B. was thrown in jail for assault charges. But now the tables have turned, and according to Jwl B's assistant, Shunda has "dropped out" of the group "due to personal conflict with Domino [Records] and conflict of interest with the group."

In an e-mail to City Pages, Jwl's assistant Carrie Yates writes:

...Jwl. B. is out of Jail and will be touring without Shunda K. [who] has dropped out of Yo Majesty. Joining Jwl.B. on Yo Majesty's tour will be former member of Yo Majesty Shon B. According to Shunda K., she is focusing on her tour and leaving Yo Majesty and Domino records behind to persue [sic] her solo music. Domino records has confirmed that Shunda K. will not be continuing with the tour due to personal conflict with Domino and conflict of interest with the group.

In our January interview, Shunda said she was already planning solo projects, saying she was "getting ready to release some solo stuff including an Outkast-inspired mixtape: The Best Eva Written...Outkased ... and a Shunda K album The Most Wanted...Cause So Many Niggas Fronted, and a 3rd CD featuring Shunda K acapellas and original production from up-and-coming producers [that] will be presented in a 3in1 CD release available for download at this spring."

Shunda told us that she and the person who is now her replacement, Shon B, met in 2000 and started Yo! as "Ya Majesty," but "went their own way" a year later when things weren't exactly working out as planned.

Shunda K. performs at the Triple Rock in January

Shunda K. performs at the Triple Rock in January

"Now, it seems dat Yo Majesty is being restored back to me...all glory be to God," she said in January before her Triple Rock show.

But according to Yates, that dream is over, saying,  "Shunda K. has passed around false allegations from the group's humble beginnings."

Talk about royal drama.

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