Rowland S. Howard dead at 50

Rowland S. Howard dead at 50

Rowland S. Howard was a musician more famous for the people with whom he collaborated than for his own remarkable but largely unheard work.

After three decades of being a musical force, in which time he performed with Nick Cave in Birthday Party, the musical poet Lydia Lunch, and singer songwriter Nikki Sudden, Howard died this morning of complications from a long battle with liver cancer.

Howard performing "Shivers," his biggest hit, which he wrote with Birthday Party.

From the Herald Sun obituary:

Howard was waiting for a liver transplant and had cancelled recent shows due to illness.

The influential guitarist came to prominence as a member of Melbourne punk band the Boys Next Door who became The Birthday Party, fronted by Nick Cave.

Howard wrote their iconic hit Shivers, and his guitar skills would inspire a generation to come.

Howard was a nuanced, challenging guitarist whose influence on rock and roll is innumerably pervasive. He was 50 years old. 

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