Roster McCabe's live album Wow, Neat Sounds! exclusive stream

Roster McCabe's live album Wow, Neat Sounds! exclusive stream
Photo by Kari Vredevoogd

As EDM continues to prove essential in the music festival sphere, the rise of bands who incorporate it into their sound have reaped big dividends. One such success is Minneapolis-based Roster McCabe. Although their music is immediately accessible to those who favor groove- and jam-oriented tunes, it also blends in Alex Steele's clear-cutting falsetto on top of anthemic keyboard progressions. Unless Fall Out Boy's Patrick Stump gets hired to sing lead vocals for Ghostland Observatory, this band has this pop/punk/funk/electronica blend completely cornered.

Calling Roster McCabe "Minneapolis-based" is generous, given how much time they're out on the road. And the fruits of their live labors arrive on Wow, Neat Sounds!, which is streaming exclusively on Gimme Noise until the album's September 11 release.

Those who caught the 4onthefloor in April at First Avenue may remember these dudes warming up the stage for them. It's not surprising given that guitarist Drew Preiner (guitar/synth/vox), Michael Daum (lead guitar) and Scott Muellenberg (bassist) lived in a house in Dinkytown with 4OTF's Gabe Douglas for three years.

Wow, Neat Sounds! brings together highlights of the band's 2012 tour -- which recently included a performance at the Summer Set Music & Camping Festival in Somerset, Wisconsin.

Roster McCabe perform at the Triple Rock on November 2.

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