Rose's Birthday Show tonight at the Hexagon


As any band member or patron that ever breezed through the Hexagon's welcoming doors knows full well, Rose is our Mother Superior in brass knuckles, the baby sitter that let us stay up and watch Cinemax, the stern disciplnarian and trafficker of all our gravest vices, the our storied nugget of bar folklore, the very Paul Bunyon of our music community. She's been tending the Hexagon bar for God knows how long, and has ejected from the premises men half her age and twice her size, so make sure you don't fuck around tonight. Ouija Radio, Military Special, Sleeping in the Aviary, and Gospel Gossip have offered their sword to the cause, so come to the Hexagon and raise a glass in her honor-- you're not likely to find a more worthy cause to toast on either side of the Mississippi this weekend.

Friday November 21. 9:00 P.M. 21+. Free.