Rosalux's Peepshow a dirty delight


"Penis Envy (no not really)" by Kate Van Cleve

Genitals proudly hung on the walls and sex seemed the only appropriate topic of conversation Saturday night at Rosalux Gallery's "Peepshow." By far the sexiest art fundraiser ever, Peepshow was an orgasmicly good time with plenty to see and lust. Naughty art, stag films, glory holes, a photo booth, drawing board and an interactive bed kept the hoards of people laughing and blushing late into the evening. 

The Gallery was bustling with excited bodies as early as 9:30 p.m. and became almost intolerably packed by 11:30 p.m. Upstairs guests peeped into actual "peepholes" at a surprisingly forward batch of art. Scribbled cock sucking jokes accompanied by porn-like sketches and mixed media vaginas were old hat by the time you left the show.

Sitting on the bed upstairs gave quite a fright for unsuspecting bottoms looking for break. Bass beats and drums blared out speakers from under the frame depending on which part of the bed one sat. A few curious boys and girls could be seen jumping up and down on bed, making the string of sounds into actual music.

Behind some red curtains in the back room "stag films" played strangely provactive cartoons involving actual stags, male deer, pooping apples onto one another's faces and having sex.

Attitude City kept the diverse crowd of men and women musically satisfied while they browsed the collections of art from up and cuming artists; some attendees were lucky enough to win a piece or two during the raffle. A five dollar donation gave some the opportunity to try their hand at the "glory hole" that promised a surprise gift bag including anything from condoms to orignal art. The man working "the hole" promised it was "herpy free."

Another wall was completely covered with blank drawing paper and pens for a chance to scribble your personal fantasies and secrets, or just anything vulgar that came to mind. Artist Andy Ducett also drew penises directly on willing skin for a mere five dollar donation.