Root of All Evil Radio is 25, pays tribute to Earl Root

Root of All Evil Radio is 25, pays tribute to Earl Root

It's been almost four years since the Twin Cities lost its grandfather of all things metal, Earl Root. He died of lymphoma, which he had battled like a true metal warrior for 10 years. Since then his legacy lives on in myriad forms each year with tributes, his wife Nancy's continued work with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society's Team in Training and ultimately his radio show, KFAI's Root of All Evil, which is celebrating Earl's life and 25 years and running as one of the longest-running metal radio shows in the world this weekend at the Triple Rock.

Fittingly falling on the same weekend as Record Store Day, the event will commemorate the man who coined the phrase "Rediscover Vinyl Lust."He'll be remembered and paid homage by a stellar bill of Twin Cities metal giants past and present. Most notably the show features a reunion of one of Earl's favorite goth metal bands, Morticia, and a special launch from Surly Beer of their Surly Hell and Schadenfreude.
Earl Root on the Root of All Evil 1997

Teaming up with the current hosts of the weekly Saturday night

Root of All Evil

on KFAI, Earl's widow Nancy has been training for an Iron Man marathon. Proceeds from the event will go toward her work with Team in Training, which helps find cures and better treatments for leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin's disease, and myeloma.

Amid training and carrying the torch for her late husband, Nancy was in a frenzy when I talked to her. Training for the marathon, running her own business, Salon38, and keeping Earl's legacy going, she says, is "a ton of work. Getting up early every day and working out and still going through and redistributing Earl's life." Catching her breath with pride, she adds, "I'm most happy recently as I found out Dave from Trampled By Turtles recently bought one of Earl's old guitars and is taking it out on the road. Earl would be really stoked knowing that."

Morticia D.O.A. 1988

As evil as the disease itself, the night promises a great night for the Twin Cities metal community to get together, hear some ear-blistering metal, and remember a great man and incredible radio.

Nancy Root's Fundraising Page for Team in Training

Root of All Evil Radio 25th Year Anniversary Party with Teratism, Demonicon, In Defence, Deretla, Mordwolf, and Morticia Sunday, April 22, at the Triple Rock 5pm $10 18+

Root of All Evil Radio is 25, pays tribute to Earl Root

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