Ron Asheton dead at 60


Asheton, left, died Tuesday of an apparent heart attack.

What's most hard to believe in this story; that Ron Asheton, an original member of the seminal punk band the Stooges, survived until the ripe old age of 60? Or that it's already been forty, count em, forty years since punk was invented by a few enterprising young men from Michigan?

One thing is certain-- Asheton's personal assistant should be fired. After being unable to reach Asheton for several days, police stormed his Ann Arbor home to find that, indeed, Asheton had been dead on his couch for half a week, or more. One would hope that the personal assistant to a founding father of punk guitar would have taken action a little earlier, but c'est la mort.

Asheton's contributions to the vocabulary of modern rock guitar are staggering. Among the riffs to which he can lay claim: "I Wanna Be Your Dog," "No Fun," and "TV Eye." After a multi-decade hiatus from the band, Asheton was called upon when the Stooges reformed with their original lineup to tour behind the Stooges' 2007 release The Weirdness. Rolling Stone counts him as the 29th greatest rock and roll guitarist of all time.