Roman Polanski arrested in Zurich


Exile seems to be the path of choice for people sweating a sex scandal. After his reputation was irreparably tarnished, Michael Jackson took up residence in Saudi Arabia.

And after an allegation that film director Roman Polanski had sex with a 13 year old girl, he packed up his reels and his beret and headed to beautiful Paris, where the wine flows freely, and the Arc de Triopmhe towers over the city square.

Oh, and where extradition to America is big no-no.

File footage of Polanski assaulting private investigator Jake Gittes in 1974.

Tough to know what to make of this arrest. Sure, he boinked a teeny bopper. Pretty indefensible.

But he's been exonerated by the victim of the sex crime, Samantha Gailey, who says she lied to him about her age, and said in numerous interviews as a grown woman that she's been trying to leave the incident behind for decades, and that Polanski's arrest won't give her any additional closure.

Then again...he boinked a teeny bopper. He plied her with champagne and forced himself upon her. Hollywood can abide much lewd conduct. Drug abuse, wife beatery, hell, even murder can be overlooked. So no one should be too surprised that American authorities were still campaigning to nab him first chance they got.

So when word trickled in that Polanski was going to make a trip to Switzerland to attend the Zurich Film Festival and receive an award, they acted. Ah, vanity. Getcha every time.

There were cuffs and legirons awaiting him at the airport when he touched down, and he is now facing extradition to the U.S. to stand trial, despite the Prime Minister of Switzerland's inclination to ask for amnesty on behalf of the creepy child raper.