Roma di Luna's Channy Casselle talks about the band's somber SoundTown set and moving on

Channy and Roma di Luna at SoundTown

Channy and Roma di Luna at SoundTown

The impending end of Roma di Luna has been widely discussed and lamented, as one of Minneapolis' most beloved--and talented--indie folk-rock bands decides to part ways and move on to other projects. The band's set at SoundTown this past weekend was one of their last, and it was so shatteringly beautiful, Channy's voice so ethereally captivating, that most of the audience was stunned into an awesome silence.

Channy took some time to respond via email to questions posed by Gimme Noise regarding the future of her music.


SoundTown was actually one of the last opportunities to see you guys play live, right? What are the other shows that you have on the books?

We play Porcupine Music Festival in Michigan on Friday, August 26th. We will also have two farewell shows on December 17th and 18th at the Cedar Cultural Center. Alexei wasn't playing at SoundTown with the band, and that surprised some people. Will he be playing the farewell shows?

He will be doing the farewell shows, and we are all going to pour a lot of love into those. Alexei is Roma di Luna as much as I am, and his absence is felt by every one of us on stage. Roma di Luna should not continue without Alexei, but we also agreed it would be best to not break contracts weeks before shows. I'm sure people can understand that we are going through a difficult time and that is hard to share with the public, but know that I really appreciate everyone's love for Alexei, and I agree that it is not the same without him.

What does the opportunity to play at SoundTown mean, being that it's one of your final shows?


It's bittersweet.

In light of the recent news about Roma di Luna dissolving to follow different paths, I'd like to ask you a couple questions about the evolution of your music and the new directions you're taking. You're working on a collaboration with Ryan Olson. Can you shed some light on those demos you've been posting on Twitter? Where are those coming from, where can we expect to see them next?

The demos I posted on Twitter were/are simply a way for me to have a platform to share ideas that are raw and sometimes embarrassing and to generate work for myself. It's like busking online. The demos will be a part of a new full band project someday. I love writing songs by myself but I don't like performing as a solo artist and look forward to all of those songs being as much my band members as they are mine someday. I will play some solo shows with that material in the next few months. The first one is on October 5th, at the Fitzgerald theatre for Talking Volumes.

The project with Ryan Olson is called Polica. He produced it and arranged the music. I wrote the lyrics. We recorded it in Minneapolis and it was mixed in Austin. The band is Ben Ivascu and Drew Christopherson on drums, Chris Bierden on bass and backing vocals, and I do the singing. The record will be released someday soon and we'll be performing in September here and there.

Alexei is still working with Kill the Vultures, right? Does he have any future plans, anything in the works?

Alexei is working on a new Kill the Vultures record right now; it's going to kill. He's also collaborating with the project Coloring Time and he is the MC for a French project called Numbers not Names, and that record will be released this year.

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