Rogue Valley's four discs and Trampled By Turtles' frankenstein in this week's paper

Rogue Valley
Rogue Valley

In this week's print edition two ambitious recording projects take center stage, while Ray examines those singles whose ubiquity has become next-level, and a smattering of the most promising shows of the week so you don't have to stay inside while all this beautiful Spring gathers around you.

Rogue Valley's Crater Lake is first album of four to come

by Rob van Alstyne

Rogue Valley plan four records to break the ceiling on national attention.

Trampled By Turtles' Palomino bottles their wild energy

by Jeff Gage

Trample By Turtles cast their net wide, looking spaces to capture the energy of their oddly frantic live sets.

The Songs We Can't Escape

by Ray Cummings

Lady Gaga's video opera "Telephone" continues to be ubiquitous (the Doom patch on the leather jacket?), Drunkdriver's hard-thud chugalug, and more.

Critics' Picks: The xx, Major Lazer, and Rusko, and more
by Gimme Noise staff
Julian Casablancas brings that retro-rock to First Ave, CMJ darling The xx will make The Varsity chill out and wear black leather, while Major Lazer comes to ruin everyone's Monday morning.

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