Rogue Valley tour diary, vol. 7: From saguaros to snowfall

Rogue Valley's tour diaries are written by frontman Chris Koza and edited by bandmate Peter Sieve. You can read their first, second, third, fourth, fifth, and sixth installments.

Atalesca: 72 degrees.  Pismo Beach: 62 degrees. Ventura: 65 degrees.

It was as perfect a day as one could expect in January. We drove along Highway 101 from Portola Valley towards Los Angeles, taking a break to hike around a satellite dish on a land preserve by Stanford University.  As we neared LA, we found the Lakers versus the Timberwolves on the radio and listened as the former hometown team withstood a late rally from our new natives.

Rogue Valley tour diary, vol. 7: From saguaros to snowfall

Inside, the venue was pretty classic: 8"x10" black and white head shots of blues singers from another generation lined the walls. We set up our gear and after soundcheck, I chatted with the handful of friends and their friends trickling in while the rest of the band left to get tacos. The opener had canceled the day before so we were the only act. We could have used some local support, but we performed the best we knew how for the folks that made the trip.

Phoenix: 72 degrees. Tuba City: 44 degrees. Moab 40 degrees.  Grand Junction: 34 degrees.  

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