Roget Loyalist Has Hissy Fit (also kicks up a shindy and gets mighty splenetic)

class=img_thumbleft>I just noticed that on the dust jacket (the cover, even) of The Original Roget's International Thesaurus (sixth edition) there's an endorsement from Time magazine. "A sterling reference tool," it says. That might be fine for one of those joyless and only moderately useful dictionary-style thesauri, but Roget's certainly doesn't need to vulgarize its cover with banal hosannas from a source less authoritative than itself. The following comparison is hyperbolic and probably blasphemous, but no self-respecting publisher of Bibles would devote valuable cover space to something like "'A top-drawer religious text.'--Newsweek," or "Way better than the Koran." --U.S. News & World Report.

I also wonder when Time issued that review.