Rodrigo y Gabriella tomorrow at Pantages


Last time the Irish-dwelling classical guitarists Rodrigo y Gabriela were in town they played First Ave, guitars equipped with onboard cameras that projected their incredible technique onto giant screens. Half the show I spent gaping at a nearby screen, watching the blurs of their hands. The rest of the show I spent wiggling to their infectious beats (as a lanky white guy, I can't claim to properly dance, but I do wiggle occasionally).

The pair's death metal background is carefully blended into classical and flamenco styles to produce their unique sound. Their new album, 11:11, shows experimentation with new instrumentation (beyond their previous standard guitar-only rule) including some exceptional electric guitar solos and piano; it'll be interesting to see if they bring this to the Pantages or remain acoustic-only.

Much of the fun of seeing the pair lies in the spectacle itself, but their music stands on its own as both catchy and original, full of hooks that'll get stuck in your head for weeks. Their adaptions, like Stairway to Heaven and Orion (above) allow them to bring their own sound to covers in a way most bands can't.

All ages. 8:00 P.M. $32 advance/$36.00 door. Pantages Theater, 710 Hennepin Ave, Minneapolis.