Rockin' Raffle Photo Extravaganza tonight at Turf Club


Gospel Gossip, courtesy of their Myspace page.

Not a whole lot you can do with a dollar these days. You might be able to bum a cigarette off a stranger (play your cards right, act suitably earnest, and you might even get to keep the money). You can leave a horseshit tip with a dollar, or snort a line of coke.

What you usually can't do is put yourself in a position to score some one-of-a-kind wall art, and become a bonafide patron of local arts. But that's exactly what a dollar buys you tonight at the Turf Club.

The music will cost you the standard five bones, as Gay Witch Abortion, Gospel Gossip, and Plastic Chord will be providing the soundtrack for the evening. But an extra buck thrown at a raffle ticket will score you a statistically significant chance at winning original prints from students and staff of MCTC's photography department.

Buying student art is the long-shot version of buying start-up stock. The odds are that few shutterbugs showcased tonight at the Turf will become the next Annie Leibovitz. But who knows? Say one of them goes on to invent a new kind of airbrake for semi cabs, or becomes an attorney that takes down crooked bailbondsmen. Art appreciates in value, both aesthetic and monetary, and people rarely regret an art acquisition. Especially when it comes so damn cheap.

And even if you walk home empty handed, you'll have ringing ears and a hangover to show for your modest contribution. It's a recession. Tighten your belt and stimulate. It's the only patriotic thing to do.

21+. 9:00 P.M. $5.00. Turf Club, 1601 University Ave., Saint Paul.