Rockford Mules wish South Dakota a Merry Christmas


The other day, we received a message from the guys in Rockford Mules.

...we ended up writing a Christmas song sorta by accident, and we really like the way it turned out, and then we recorded it, and then we had an idea for a video, and then we put that video on youtube. I think the theme is pretty self explanatory...


I'm not sure how one writes a Christmas song "sorta by accident." Perhaps it involves imbibing too much eggnog? At any rate, I was thrilled to open up that YouTube link and find three things I love:

  1. 1. South Dakota. It's where I'm from.
  2. 2. Bully-lookin' dogs. I have one.
  3. 3. Old photographs of (probably dead) grandparents. I have some. Both dead grandparents, and photographs of them.

I wish more people would get drunk on eggnog and write more accidental Christmas songs about South Dakota. I know, if wishes were horses beggars would ride. Oh, and I also wish I had a horse. Horses and accidental South Dakota Christmas songs. Is that too much to ask, Santa Claus?