Rockford Mules team with Mark Har for "Ma, They Broke Me"


So. This is my weekly country music blog. Question one: Are local band Rockford Mules country? Well, s'pose just as much as any other Southern Rock outfit - think Marshall Tucker, Skynyrd, Ozark Mountain Devils - might be considered such (hell, I heard someone cover Georgia Satellites at Gilley's in Las Vegas last night). And they have a lap steel but they ain't Hawaiian. That's gotta count for somethin' right? First question resolved. Second question: Why'd they put a dead baby in their video?


At least, it looks like a dead baby. My question No. 2, Part A was, "Why'd they put a lady delivering a baby in their video?" (see :55, and beyond). Part B became, "Why's that baby dead," or rather, Part B-2: "Is that baby dead, or just real bloody and squinty-eyed?" which lead me to a question No. 2 Part B-3: "Don't those down-on-yer-luck Swede Hollow creek-squatters meets Waylon Jennings show tailgaters whose actions seem scripted by the Coen Brothers know that postnatal outcomes are vastly improved when the baby experiences immediate and prolonged skin-to-skin contact with its mother post-delivery?" But perhaps that'd be a question for the Coen Brothers, er, Mark Har, who directed this music video (shot by local DP Brian Walstad).

Anyhoo, there's quite an engaging narrative occurring here. Check'er out.

Postscript, that dog at 1:53 is real cute.