Rock the Garden 2012 weather forecast: 30 percent chance of mud

Rock the Garden Festival 2012 lineup

As Saturday afternoon's Rock the Garden at the Walker Art Center approaches, ticket holders have already had plenty of time to brush up on the 2012 lineup, so what's left? Weather preparations are a must.

As mentioned on the RTG Facebook page, "It looks like it might be a little rainy tomorrow, so please bring rain jackets--no umbrellas." Alas, this means there won't be any sightings of the gorgeous Hellgrüner Schirm on the grounds. There is still time pick out tasteful clothing that can withstand the potential scattered showers, and footwear that interacts well with the potentially soggy grounds following expected rain overnight and Saturday morning. Updated at 1:30 p.m.: There is a 40 percent chance of rain midway through. If nothing else, mud is in the forecast for the "rain or shine" event.

Below, we have assembled an hour-by-hour schedule of music and possible weather highlights.

2012 Rock the Garden Weather Schedule (UPDATED)
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3:00 pm - Gates open

Mostly Cloudy
78° (feels like 78°)
Humidity: 58%
Precipitation: 15%

Prediction: Attendees will unroll blankets onto moist grass. A small tarp underneath will ensure that you still want this item by the end of the day. "If your blankets get soggy, please take them with you (don't be a wet blanket)," is the cheeky warning from Rock the Garden.

3:45 pm - Howler

Mostly Cloudy
80° (feels like 81°)
Humidity: 52%
Precipitation: 30%

Prediction: As of early Friday afternoon, the only band with even a reasonable chance of moisture is Howler the Hold Steady. Since we already know that Jordan Gatesmith is comfortable smearing blood-like substances all over himself, he won't mind a little mud.

4:30 pm - Tune-Yards

Mostly Cloudy
79° (feels like 80°)
Humidity: 52%
Precipitation: 10%

Prediction: By this time, the heat and the humidity will be no trouble for the folks who remembered to wear breathable fabrics and pack sunscreen. Plan ahead to find shadier spots if vigorous dancing along to "Gangsta" is part of your plan.

5:45 pm - Doomtree

Partly Cloudy
79° (feels like 80°)
Humidity: 52%
Precipitation: 40%

Prediction: The clouds will start to dissipate light rain will fall approximately when the rap nerds start making bets on whether the 2006 P.O.S.-Craig Finn collaboration "Safety in Speed" (one of Andrea Swensson's historical highlights gathered here) will appear during Doomtree's set or when the Hold Steady performs. 

7:15 pm - Trampled by Turtles

Partly Cloudy
76° (feels like 78°)
Humidity: 55%
Precipitation: 30%

Prediction: As the sun lowers in the sky cloudy sky darkens and the rain tapers towards the end of Trampled by Turtles' set, expect increased nostalgic rhapsodizing, awkward hugging, and celebratory drink purchases by attendees.

8:45 pm - The Hold Steady

73° (feels like 73°)
Humidity: 59%
Precipitation: 0%

Prediction: The big lights will come on, and there'll be Brooklyn in the air. All the waiting in the moist air will be redeemed! It's expected to be clear and 71° by the time Craig Finn spits out his final verse.

For minute-by-minute updates, follow along here:

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