Rock the Garden 2012 time lapse video

10 gorgeous GIFs from Rock the Garden 2012
Rock the Garden at Walker Art Center, 06/16/12

The annual Rock the Garden has grown and morphed into the massive event it has become, requiring as much meticulous planning and anticipation as a wedding. And it's gone in an instant as soon as the sun goes down and the last toasts of the evening take place.

Overflowing with love, there's endless equally affectionate reflection in it's wake with the ripple of reminiscence that lasts for days and weeks long after the last notes from the headliner ring through the air. Like the sounds from the stage during the event that bounces about buildings in the city we are left with an incredible melange of memories that surrounded each glorious day Rock the Garden happens each year that will last forever.

Once again the Walker Art Center has put together it's traditional time-lapse video that suitably captures the essence and fervor of Rock the Garden. With 15 cameras in different locations throughout the day and with a soundtrack from Trampled By Turtles playing the "first dance" of their set that immediately set calmed nerves and set the tone for the rest of the fantastic and unforgettable evening. What a beautiful night indeed.

Rock the Garden 2012 Time-lapse

Since 2009 the Walker has produced these films. Enjoy a look back at past Rock the Garden videos.

Rock the Garden 2011 Time-lapse

Rock the Garden 2010 Time-lapse

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