'Rock for the Rules' compilation to raise money for the former Turf Club managers


Anyone who set foot in the Turf Club from the mid-'90s through 2005 surely knew of Rob and Leah Rule, the husband-and-wife team that helped transform the Turf from a neighborhood bar to a landmark of the Twin Cities music community.

[jump] My personal memory of Leah is a weeks-long cat-and-mouse game of me sneaking into the club, underage, to try to see local bands and her warmly escorting me out the back door. She never really got mad because I didn't have any interest in drinking; she would just smile, shake her head, and tell me to get out. Maybe it was just my vantage point as a wide-eyed, green 18-year-old, but I remember her overseeing the place like a den mother. By the time I reached legal drinking age the Rules were nearing the end of their tenure at the club, but their homespun, community-oriented legacy is something that is still felt (and missed) to this day.

In March of this year, Leah Rule was diagnosed with cancer and has since undergone surgery and a series of treatments, the final round of which just wrapped up this month. Upon hearing of Leah's struggles, friend and musician Eric Kassel decided to record a new song, "Rob Rule Theme Song," and sell it as a single to raise money for the couple as they faced medical expenses and the loss of income due to treatment -- but as word got around about what Kassel was doing, he started getting offers from musicians throughout the Twin Cities who wanted to contribute tracks to a charity album in Rob and Leah Rules' names. Hence, the 13-track Rock for the Rules was born.

"For so many years, Rob and Leah have worked to bring people and music together," Kassel writes in the album's liner notes. "It's only fitting that people and music are now coming together to help them when they need it."

The entire album is streaming online now, and is available for download with a minimum donation of $1. Check out the tracklist and stream the songs here:

  1. Crotch Rockets - Rob Rule Theme Song


  2. Giravves - Take It Too Far

  3. Molly Maher - Bloodshot Eyes

  4. Little Man - I've Been Waiting

  5. ÜberScenester - Boomerang

  6. Vidiot - The Caring Game

  7. Al Grande with Box of Steaks - Kill My Boss

  8. Crossing Guards - See Ya Soon

  9. Who Shot Sally? - Star On A Silo

  10. Jennifer Markey - All The Whiskey In The World

  11. St Dominic's Trio - Looking for the Northern Lights

  12. The Tisdales - In Yr Love 03:00

  13. Mammy Nuns - Trees Falling 02:52

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