Robust Worlds releasing debut album, Emotional Planet, tonight at Turf Club

Robust Worlds releasing debut album, Emotional Planet, tonight at Turf Club

After the eventual dissolution of Vampire Hands, Chris Rose has been quietly capturing the attention of Twin Cities music fans as of late by performing and recording as Robust Worlds. And as the buzz around his spare but stirring solo songs continues to grow, Rose is set to release Robust Worlds' debut record, Emotional Planet, as part of a stellar bill tonight at the Turf Club.

To get you in the proper mood for the show, we have one of the standouts from Emotional Planet to share, "Best Wishes." It's a moody, evocative number featuring Rose's expansive guitar work blending fluidly with his ethereal vocals, creating a hazy, dreamlike vibe that continues impressively throughout the rest of the record.

We were also able to ask Chris a few questions about his new project and what he has planned for his Record Release show tonight.

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Gimme Noise: Did you record the album here in Minneapolis, and did you play everything on the record?

Chris Rose: I played everything on the record and wrote all the songs. I recorded it at Old Blackberry Way studios with Neil Weir. It was really nice working with Neil, I knew he liked the songs and i trusted his ideas about recording.

It seems that your vocals are distorted just enough to hide some of the lyrical meanings behind the song, as your voice becomes just another textured instrument on the record. Was that intentional on your behalf, or were the vocal effects more of an aesthetic choice?

Yeah, I liked obscuring the meaning on some songs, but like the idea of people being able to understand lyrics on some of the songs. The vocals set a nice vibe I think, and fit more with the wildly delayed guitars.

How has the transition been for you in taking these spare, personal songs to a live setting?

I had been playing these songs live for about a year or so before I thought I had a good albums worth of songs to record. I wanted to take my time, and had about 15 songs that I turned into a 10 song album. It took some getting use to, to do personal songs live though, especially locally where you know some of the people who are watching pretty well but i think I've gotten over it.

There's a real dreamy, Hendrix-like quality to your guitar playing on "Cave," one of my favorites on the record. What musicians do you draw inspiration from?

Thanks. I was listening to a lot of Neil Young when i started this, and Royal Trux. I like to think of my music as futuristic folk rock, so it kinda starts with guitar and vocals and goes from there. That's kinda my thinking on it.

What do you have in store for your fans at the Turf Club tonight?

Dream Weapon, is a great synth heavy band and Pony Trash is soft garage music, both will jam. Clint of De Stijl will be Djing. I'm gonna play most of the record and a couple of new ones. It should be a great night.

That's a great bill at the Turf -- are you friends with the other bands playing?

I'm good friends with some of the musicians. I'm excited to see the bands.

Do you find the Twin Cities music community to be nurturing to a new artist, or is it a bit daunting for you to try and break back into the scene here?

I find that people in the scene here are open to hearing new bands and like new things.

Robust Worlds releasing debut album, Emotional Planet, tonight at Turf Club

Robust Worlds joins this year's #2 Picked To Click band, Pony Trash, along with Dream Weapon (featuring Cole Weiland and Bennett Johnson of Daughters Of The Son), and DJ Clint Simonson of De Stijl Records on the terrific, all-local bill tonight.

It should be a memorable evening filled with lively performances from some of the Twin Cities most original bands. Add in the thrill of it being Robust Worlds' Record Release Show and the night should be positively festive and, given the musicians involved, perhaps even a bit weird (in a good way) if we're lucky.

Doors for show tonight at the Turf Club open at 9 p.m., and tickets are a highly affordable $6.

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