Robert Pattison rumored to be attending a party in the Twin Cities

The British actor, perhaps best known for his roles in Harry Potter and Twlight, is currently starring in How To Be, which is screening at the Minneapolis International Film Festival this coming week.

A comedy, How to Be tells the story of a 20-something man named Art (played by Pattison), who has a quarter-life crisis when his girlfriend dumps him. After moving in with his family he employs the help of an eccentric self-help guru.

The after-screening party is at 9 p.m. this Monday, April 20 in the Clubhouse Lounge of Brit's Pub (1110 Nicollet Mall, Minneapolis; 612.332.3908). Cast and crew are slated to be in attendance. Robert Pattinson may be in attendance as well. The press release I was sent followed his name with three exclamation points, so make of that what you will. There will also be live music from Fran King and Duncan Maitland as well.