Rob Rule on why he's quitting the Turf Club

Turf Club manager Rob Rule has decided to leave the venerable St. Paul club after booking there for nearly a decade. In a phone interview, he explains why:


At what point did you decide that it wasn't going to work for you, being there?


Last night [outgoing owner Mark Johnson] called the staff together to officially tell everybody that the place is sold, and he believed it was going to happen April 4. And it got to a point where I kept seeing my name in the paper: "Rob Rule staying with the Turf Club." Well, you know, I'm not a piece of furniture there. I've never been approached. No offer was made saying, "Hey, we need you to stay here. What do you need?" And you know what? By the time they started calling me Saturday, it was too little, too late. We can't do what we do there with this new [owner].

Read complete interview.


Read open letter from Rob Rule

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