Rob Perez's homegrown indie film 'nobody' now on DVD

Rob Perez's homegrown indie film 'nobody' now on DVD

​If you missed it at Block E, it's definitely worth taking a look at nobody on DVD. The flick is brimming with wit and hope--and every bit of it was filmed right here in Minneapolis.

nobody is the story of Lindeman, a sculptor in his last semester of art school, whose artist's block has bloomed into a full-blown existential crisis. Lindeman tries everything to get inspired--the goth scene, the vegan revolution scene, the gay scene, falling in love, being an intellectual, becoming one with nature. In the end he realizes something: maybe you don't have to be somebody to be someone.

Director Rob Perez says he made the movie to let people know it's okay not to have everything all figured out. Perez co-wrote the script with Guster front man Ryan Miller and turned down a few name actors for the lead role. Instead, he chose Sam Rosen, an unknown he discovered in an off-Broadway show. Minnesota native Josh Hartnett is the executive producer--Perez has known him for ten years and lives in Hartnett's house.

Perez, a native of Texas, moved to Minneapolis from Los Angeles two years ago and plans to stay for a while. He's currently working on a new script, also to be filmed here. It's cheaper to make movies in other states or even countries--Diablo Cody's Juno was set in Minnesota but shot in Canada--but Perez is committed to staying local. It's fun to recognize spots across the city while you watch.

nobody has been making the rounds at film festivals, but you can't get it at Blockbuster because it's only available on this website. Celebrate the awesomeness of our local scene and check the film out!

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