River witches, clown rituals, and space emergencies in this week’s Top 5 MN music videos

Annie Fitzgerald. Well, Annie Fitzgerald's head, at least.

Annie Fitzgerald. Well, Annie Fitzgerald's head, at least. YouTube

Last week, City Pages dropped its annual labor of love, our Best Of issue. Did you pick up your phone book of fun?

Best Of is meant as a resource. A thick, colorful collection of all the good and new things to do in the Twin Cities. The kind of thing you can hand to out-of-towners as a guide to maximizing their fun during their visit.

A few years ago, we introduced the category Best Music Video Director. Local Frames has been more or less a ballot for all those considered. This year, we honored Endlessvisiion as the top video-maker in the Twin Cities. Want to know who’ll win next year? Check back every Tuesday.

Annie Fitzgerald – “Spellbound” (PREMIERE)

Annie Fitzgerald’s version of magic is baroque and seductive, communicated in a breathy whisper, emerging like a natural element. In the new video for her single “Spellbound,” the witchy songwriter gathers in the forest with her fellow mages, divining strength from the river, trees, and winds. Brandi Ashman directs the congregation as they sing their curses towards an emerging moon. See Fitzgerald on Saturday at Aster Cafe or Sunday at the Turf Club as part of the 50th anniversary tribute to Joni Mitchell’s Clouds.

Leslie Rich and the Rocket Soul Choir – “Kidder’s Son” (PREMIERE)

Time for some professional clowning around. In the brand new video for the Rocket Soul Choir’s song “Kidder’s Son,” lead singer Leslie Rich plays a self-serious businessman who is inspired one day by a painted-up park juggler. The experience causes Rich to question his own perspective, and he eventually puts on the paint himself and embraces the jocularity of everyday life. Macabre visionary Paul von Stoetzel directs.

44 – “The Shirt”

Dan Hylton and Pat Gibbons are most known for their work as Sender's Dream, but 25 years ago, they formed the goofy rock band 44. Recently, Gibbons recently discovered a tape of four songs the pair recorded under that name, which have since been remastered and released as the EP Escape from Moon Jail. Lead single “The Shirt” envisions Hylton and Gibbons as two hapless NASA employees receiving a strange transmission from the past. The message comes in the form of 44’s original 1995 concert footage, but the office jockeys are unable to decipher its meaning.

Poolboy – “Lopsided” (live)

To see Minneapolis psych-rock band Poolboy live is to experience them in their natural element. The band recently sat down at Sovereignty Recording with Justin Muffet to give YouTube viewers the chance to glimpse the magic that they create on stage. “Lopsided” is a new song for Poolboy, but it perfectly captures the otherworldly charm of their spacy, groovy garage rock. The video for the song was filmed by Dan McLaughlin and edited by Ryan Sanderson.

Wild Firth – “Nevermind”

2019 Best Record Label Forged Artifacts springs right back into action after the big win with a new video for Wild Firth’s new song “Nevermind.” Director Clayton McCracken takes the drudgy rock song and turns it into a psychedelic episode of Green Acres. Wild Firth’s scratchy folk-rock ballad bubbles through puddles of pink and videotape decay in what makes for a challenging visual experience. “Nevermind” is from Wild Firth’s new record Lawn Memory, out April 26.

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