RIP, Prince's Twitter and Facebook Accounts

It seems the Purple One is now the artist formerly known on social media.

The always enigmatic Prince joined Twitter in August of 2013, and delighted us by posting some selfies as @3rdEyeGirl, which later was revealed as his new band. The page fit well into the dual promotional campaign for this year's Plectrumelecrum and Art Official Age. This past October, he briefly adopted Facebook and conducted a fan Q&A, wherein he notoriously only answered a single question related to sound frequencies. As of today, both accounts are inactive.

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Though the Princevevo YouTube account survived the purge, all but three videos have been pulled.

All that remains is a video for Dave Chappelle-cosigned single "Breakfast Can Wait," a behind-the-scenes featurette on the video, and an interview.

NME's request for comment has not been answered by Prince's camp, so it's anyone's guess as to why His Royal Badness has retreated from social media. As of this writing Prince is still on Instagram, though. No longer!

Even with less of Prince directly contributing to his own meme-making, the internet will take up the mantle for him. If he did give an official response to the exit from social media, it might be this one:


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