RIP, Jordan Leininger, Big Lake Bassist

UPDATE: Visitation will be Monday, December 8 from 5:30-8:30 pm. Funeral will be Tuesday, December 9 at 10:30 am. Both visitation and funeral will be held at Unity Christian Reformed Church. Donations can be sent to: 307 Cedar Ave., Prinsburg, MN 56281    

Minneapolis musician Jordan Leininger died early Thursday morning at St Cloud Hospital from complications related to congestive heart failure. Originally from Prinsburg, Leininger played bass and shared his musical talents in Big Lake, Lost Shepherds, and Minneapolis 1989. He was 29.

After a three-year wait, Big Lake released their first full-length album earlier this year, which was characterized as "a collection of shadowy and sharp mid-tempo rock that neatly straddles alt-country and indie pop in a manner reminiscent of classic Whiskeytown." The album followed a 2011 EP and featured a captivating single, "Eight Weeks." Between music, Leininger worked as a sales manager at Zen Gluten Free.
"He was very loved and will be missed by so many!!" Leininger's sister Kaitlin Vogel wrote in a Facebook post on Thursday.

Longtime friend Aaron Eddy says Leininger was experiencing stomach flu-like symptoms earlier in the week and checked into the hospital. "I can't remember the name of the condition he was born with, but the muscle around his heart was overgrown," he says. "It made his heart have to work twice as hard."

"He never told anyone he was in the hospital because he didn't want us to worry," Eddy continues. "He was naturally like that, always thinking about everyone else. He never wanted  to disappoint or upset people, and he rarely did.

"The guy was almost always so upbeat and happy. I've never seen someone live in the moment as well as him. He made everyone around him feel so energetic, he loved inspiring people. Within hours of us finding out, dozens of people came together to share hugs, tears, laughs. So many people had really great conversations with him right before he went to the hospital. He was always working on his relationships. He was a people person. Jordan was asked to sing at quite a few weddings -- a lot of weddings. He loves being there for those moments. He was my best friend. He was everyone's best friend."

His bandmate Patrick Mazurek from Big Lake shared some words:

"Anyone who met Jordan for a few minutes minutes learned quickly that he was easy going, oddly hilarious, and a good natured person, whom, upon running into again would remember your name, conversation, story, and frankly didn't care where sentences started or ended; he was just curious how you were doing. Friendship with Jordan was like this: the more I grew to know him, the more detail and weight our friendship acquired, the more he didn't stop remembering. I don't mean that he just had talent for context; he cared about why it mattered, understood what it might mean to you and would lend a thought to help you keep going. That sort of selfless concern and kindness for others translated to any musical entity he took part in. I am privileged to have known him and shared so much time and work with him. I will no doubt be conversing with our memories and remembering how to love people the way he did."

Visitation and funeral will be held at Unity Christian Reformed Church in Prinsburg, MN.

Open Visitation: Monday, December 8th 5:30-8:30 pm
Funeral: Tuesday, December 9th 10:30 am

Donations can be sent to:
307 Cedar Ave.
Prinsburg, MN 56281


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