Ringo Starr still loves the Electric Fetus, and this birthday video proves it

Fetus fan Ringo Starr

Fetus fan Ringo Starr Star Tribune

It’s not every day that a Beatle essentially makes a free commercial for your record store.

To celebrate the Electric Fetus’ 50th anniversary this weekend, Ringo Starr—drummer, knight, beloved children’s television train conductor—whipped up a quick video acknowledging the local music emporium’s significant milestone.

“I want to congratulate you for still being open and still selling records,” Ringo says in the video. “And thanks for the T-shirt—not this one, another one.”

Ringo’s referring to the Fetus T-shirt he wore to the Grammys in 2010, which he was given by his nephew Christian-Philippe Quilici, who was, at the time, the events coordinator for the Star Tribune arts and entertainment publication, (RIP). It was quite the significant local music iteam at the time. To return the love, the Fetus threw a 75th birthday celebration in Ringo's honor in 2015 .

The Fetus had a hell of a celebration over the past week, with multiple in-store performances, capped by a big First Ave show on Saturday night. And there were also testimonial videos from Ringo pal Joe Walsh and local boy made good Dan Wilson.

Ringo, incidentally, will be in the Twin Cities this fall, when he and his All-Starr Band perform at the Ordway on Sept. 23. This iteration of the band includes Colin Hay of Men at Work and Steve Lukather of Toto, so maybe you millennials will get to hear that “Africa” song you’re all so inexplicably infatuated with.

Paul McCartney, we should note, did not make an Electric Fetus birthday video. Does the other surviving Beatle not love Minnesota? Does he not support independent record stores? If you’d like to break your strange silence on these important questions, Paul, you know where to find us.