Ringo Starr sports Electric Fetus t-shirt at the Grammys


Local music fans watching the Grammys last night were quick to point out that Ringo Starr was sporting a familiar logo under his suit coat. As Kyle Matteson of MoreCowbell tweeted: "HOLY FUCK. Ringo Starr sporting an @efetusmpls t-shirt at The Grammy's!!" Ringo's t-shirt came from the Electric Fetus in Minneapolis, a design that is familiar to many in the local area.

As Kyle pointed out via Twitter, the Electric Fetus-Beatles connection lies with none other than's Christian-Philippe Quilici, who is Ringo's nephew. Quilici confirmed that the Fetus t-shirt was his doing on his own Twitter feed. "Apparently my uncle is wearing the Electric Fetus t-shirt I gave him last Christmas at the Grammys," he tweeted. "He liked the shirt... And the name, I remember."