Ringo Deathstarr on My Bloody Valentine and Mauve

Ringo Deathstarr on My Bloody Valentine and Mauve
Photo by Chad McGillivray

Ringo Deathstarr is far more than just mere shoegaze. Sure, the elements are there -- the pedals and apathy are too -- but the Austin trio's reverb-soaked noise pop is a design that's completely their own, and with a stop at the Turf tonight and their sophomore release Mauve gaining international momentum, it's the right time to familiarize yourself with the perplexingly moniker-ed up-and-comers.

"They say that we're too loud and that it all sounds the same," says founding member/singer Elliot Frazier. "The funny this is I find that true about top 40. Within indie rock everything seems to have gotten a lot quieter. We're kind of on a mission to destroy that. Right there on the spot. I don't know how but that's the plan."

The song "Chloe" from the band's 2011 record Colour Trip: 

As a band that was putting out music since 2007, in the beginning their dreams of substantial recognition and following expounded their reality. But still they wrote and toured and experimented and continued to do what they loved best: making music. And eventually, all of their work spoke loud enough for itself.

2011's Colour Trip -- a noisy, sexy daze of a record -- showcased their unhinged talent, and ultimately, fostered enough attention to land the group touring with the Smashing Pumpkins through the winter of 2011/2012. It was this experience that redefined the bands outlook and acted as a catalyst to the production of Mauve.

If it wasn't for that experience we wouldn't have wrote these songs for this album," Frazier said. "Our pre-existing direction was completely obliterated. We re-evaluated everything that we were doing."

No, it isn't to be presumed that Ringo Deathstarr are a bunch of star-struck Corgan-enthusiasts with a lingering taste of fame in their mouth, quite the opposite. For them, the game-changing aspect of being involved in a larger tour was the delivery of the technical aspects of the show.

"All of the behind the scenes stuff was just really interesting to us," Frazier said. "Everything was consistently the same every night, you know? For us there is nothing charming about having gear problems night after night. If you're, like, the Dandy Warhols or My Bloody Valentine you have your own person to deal with that stuff but not us. It just changed how we approached everything."

 What this meant for the creation of Mauve was an emphasis on air-tight delivery and production, finessing their own tools to build their, stoner-y basement-in-the-'90s sound into something with depth, not just messy, wonderful noise. And they've done an impressive job. Not only does "Mauve" uphold Frazier's hope of "obliterating people's faces," but it holds a lyrical and musical complexity that has the potential to bring Ringo Deathstarr out of the periphery.

Here's a single from Mauve, "Rip":;

Ringo Deathstarr plays at the Turf Club tonight at 8:00 p.m with Secret Coulours, Gospel Gossip and Chatham Rise. $8.

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