Righteous werewolves, cursed jackpots, and light moshing in this week’s Top 5 MN music videos

Local music isn't always pretty: A clip from Carnage the Executioner's 'Ravage.'

Local music isn't always pretty: A clip from Carnage the Executioner's 'Ravage.' YouTube

When you’re on the go, everything else stops.

Touring is a necessity if you ever want to make it as a professional musician, but it also means abandoning the routines that help you create and manage your career. Spending days in a van eating at interstate rest stops can absolutely zap you of your ability to write, but if you don’t pound pavement, then what becomes of the thing you write when you actually are inspired? You gotta live like a snake eating its tail.

Get yourself out there, though. Don’t let your comforts limit you, and don’t let the state border be an obstacle. You might have to sacrifice the environs that make you the best artist you can be, but pushing yourself to tour will make you the best performer you can be.

Carnage the Executioner – “Ravenous” (PREMIERE)

Local director Paul von Stoetzel comes alive for Halloween. The Killing Joke Films owner is also the director of the Haunted Basement, and even though he’s two weeks late, his work on Carnage the Executioner’s new single “Ravenous” fits right in with All Hallows’ Eve. In the video, the bruising MC plays a feral messiah who battles zombies in a post-apocalyptic city. The plot falls somewhere between I Am Legend and The Purge, ending with a surprise bit of justice.

Timbre Ghost – “Lay Low”

Dustin Tessier’s Timbre Ghost returns on November 16 with Life, Death, & Disintegration, and lead single “Lay Low” is here to let us know what spectral goodies we have in store. The video was directed by Jeremy Ylvisaker, who captures the dreamy wistfulness of the song in a gorgeous video collage. Celebrate the release of Life, Death, & Disintegration alongside Timbre Ghost on Friday at the Warming House.

Frogleg – “Fortune” (PREMIERE)

The Minnesota State Lottery jackpot sits at $92 million right now, and hot damn, wouldn’t it just fix everything if your number was to come up? Minneapolis rock band Frogleg is here to shatter your illusions with their new video for “Fortune.” The Guy Wagner-directed video is a cautionary tale about the rise and fall of a man who finds a mysterious treasure that first enriches and later destroys his life. Frogleg play November 23 at the Varsity, and their new album is due out in 2019.

 Miloe – “Space and Time”

Seventeen-year-old lo-fi pop artist Miloe is already at work on his second record, which will drop in early 2019. The new video for “Space and Time” is a glimpse of what to expect from the Congolese artist. Jazzy and full of patience, “Space and Time” has a mature sound; the artist himself says it’s “perfect for light moshing,” which is exactly what he does as he blithely dances toward the camera in the Luke Opat-directed visual. Miloe’s next show is at Honey on December 2.

Professor Fresh – “GLD JKT the Song”

Mankato’s Alexander Trahms has an alter ego. Professor Fresh is brash and gaudy. He makes slapping beats and raps with nearly obnoxious swagger. All these qualities are showcased in the new video for “GLD JKT the Song.” In the video, Fresh flaunts his titular outerwear, spitting game to a housewife while he shows off his style. Faerber Films directs the video, which cusps on the Macklemore end of ridiculousness.

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