Rift Magazine re-launches 36 Hour Songwriting Contest

Next Wednesday Rift Magazine will host another installment of the 36 Hour Songwriting Contest, in which participates get exactly a day and half to compose an original song about an assigned topic. The past times I have gone it's been a great event, the songwriters who participate are usually quite talented and it's interesting to watch the musicians think on their feet.

Participants this time around include: Ben Glaros, Brad Senne, Brian Just, David Brusie, Future Lisa, Nicholas Roesler, Patrik Tanner, Pete Wannemacher, Chris Hall, Nigel Eccleston, ShugE, Mischa Suemnig, Eliza Blue, Sarah Pray and Scott Schweis.

Here's the flyer:

Rift Magazine re-launches 36 Hour Songwriting Contest

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