Rift Magazine 5th anniversary party announced


Apparently I wasn't exaggerating last week when I made a comment about the frequency of blog/zine anniversary parties happening around this time of year. The last two weeks have seen parties in honor of music blogs Above the Fold and More Cowbell, and today Rift Magazine announced their very own anniversary bash.

Rift Magazine was founded five years ago by Rich Horton, who is also using the party to celebrate his 40th birthday. In five years Horton has produced 25 issues of Rift, one of the only longstanding grassroots hard copy zines that exists in the Twin Cities. Whereas most publications are shifting toward online-only issues, Rift stands apart by offering a physical copy of original and syndicated reviews from blogs like and Reveille Magazine -- an interesting concept in these ever-changing times.

Head over to the Hexagon Bar this Friday to help Rift celebrate their anniversary, with sets by Aviette, Mighty Fairly, Avenpitch, and Virtual CH.