Rick Ross, sexist creep, should stop wearing Twins gear [VIDEO]

Rick Ross won't hire a woman out of fear he'd have sex with her... which would not get him hired at the Minnesota Twins.

Rick Ross won't hire a woman out of fear he'd have sex with her... which would not get him hired at the Minnesota Twins. VH1 Youtube

Rick Ross gave one of the worst radio interviews of the year earlier this week. 

He's rightfully getting raked over the coals for it. That's good. What's bad: Every time someone makes reference to Ross' disgraceful words, or posts the video ... dude's sitting there looking like he's about to take first base for the Minnesota Twins.

Ross was born in Mississippi and is from Florida. Not Minnesota, though he does come through: A few months ago when Lil Wayne no-showed his Target Center concert, Ross became the de facto headliner. 

Perhaps that experience was enough to make a Twins fan out of Ross. We hope not. 

Things were weird from the get-go for Ross, particularly his on-air interactions with Angela Yee, co-host of the 105.1 Breakfast Club show. First, a slurry-sounding Ross encouraged Yee to ditch a jacket she was using to cover up in an apparently cold studio, saying, "I need to see your legs, though."

Then, when a pool party at Ross' place was mentioned, he told Yee, "I need you twerkin' at the next one." 

So, yeah. The TODAY Show the Breakfast Club is not.

Ross had joined the crew to promote an upcoming show starring him on VH1, called Signed. From the looks of it, VH1 filmed a promo for that show later this same day, as it features an even-sleepier sounding Ross still wearing all the same Twins stuff. 

Unfortunately for VH1, no one's talking about their new show, and Rick Ross' interest in helping young artists.

They're too busy talking about what Ross said when Yee asked him about working with female rappers.

His answer?

"You know I never did it, because I always thought, like, I would end up fuckin' the female rapper, fuckin' the business up."

This is apparently the funniest thing co-host Charlamagne tha God has ever heard.

"I'm so focused on my business," Ross continues, laughing. "I gotta' be honest with you. Y'know, she lookin' good, I'm spending so much money on the photo shoots. I gotta' fuck her a couple times."

Correction: That is the funniest thing Charlamagne tha God's ever heard; he's now falling out of his chair. Needless to say, no one checks Rick for his stupid answer.

Not everyone's so amused by Ross' answer. One person who certainly wouldn't care for it: Twins vice president Laura Day, one of the highest-ranking female executives in American sports. As business development leader, it's Day who helps the franchise make money off the sale of tickets, TV contracts... and yes, that same jersey and hat Rick Ross was wearing on Monday. 

We'd ask Day what she thinks of Ross donning Minnesota gear, but she's probably too smart to answer, and definitely too busy. Unlike Ross, she actually is "so focused on [her] business." 

Day told City Pages the pool of female sports executives is "growing exponentially," and all you need is "hard work and passion." That, and not getting roadblocked by a creep like Rick Ross who thinks you can't hire a woman unless you fuck her (hahahahaha) ... and then still doesn't hire any, anyway.

We wish you the worst luck with your VH1 show, Rick. If it falls through and you're looking for an endorsement deal, don't waste your time calling the Twins. Now you know who'd answer.