Rick Ross health scares, a big change in the Sonic Youth dynamic: A look at the week that was

Rick Ross health scares, a big change in the Sonic Youth dynamic: A look at the week that was

Hey! Yo! What's up? The Week That Was is back. Sure, we've been away for a good long while, but too much crazy shit's gone down this week. 


5. There's a "Senator" video featuring semi-bankable Hollywood talent

Slumming almost as hard as they're hamming, Jack Black and Gary Cole fuck around with cowboy hats, cattle prods, and cocaine in the Scott Jacobson video for "Senator" - which is a) not as funny as the song itself, b) more obnoxious than the song itself, and c) only slightly less pointless than this thing.

4. God Forgives and Rick Ross Doesn't, But God Doesn't Want Rick Ross Touring The World Right Now For Some Reason

Miami rapper Rick Ross had two seizures on two different flights Friday, which is unfortunate, because, well, have you ever had a seizure? It's like you're awake and aware of the world around you but your body doesn't want to listen to what your brain is telling it; it's totally scary, and you wonder if you'll always be like this or whether things will return to normal, maybe. It's worse for Ross because he's rich as fuck and has tons of people working for him; he's not a businessman, he's a business, man! Anyway, get well, Rick; I'm sure even Kreayshawn echos that sentiment. If you can't pour some out for William Leonard Roberts II, bump "I Love My Bitches," which Gimme Noise has been all over recently.

3. Pop/Rock/Rap Royalty Jury's Still Out On "Occupy Wall Street," Apparently

So this Occupy Wall Street thing is for real, it's not ephemeral; it's time for more of the stars to come out. (Is Talib Qweli really a star? We can argue that some other time.) No Dylan? No Radiohead? No Zack De La Rocha? No Steve Earle? For shame; you guys are supposed to be the protest establishment, and you got rise up/stand up sonned by Jeff Mangum and Kanye West! (Points to Tom Morello for making an appearance, but that was expected, and it happened like two weeks late.) Time to step up before the tide of populist history leaves you behind.

2. Drake Is Arguably Cornier Than Andy Samberg

For a couple seconds in this Saturday Night Like skit, they're wearing identically awful Bill Cosby sweaters, which is more than worth the price of admission.

1. So Yeah, Sonic Youth Band Summits Are Gonna Be Kind of Awkward From Here On Out

We never thought this day would arrive, but here we are anyway: Thurston Moore and Kim Gordon are over, Splitsville, history. Whether the same goes for Sonic Youth itself remains to be seen; if so, The Eternal automatically becomes the most ironic career-end album title ever, and the myriad ghostly/adrenal love songs the pair wrote together and separately - "I Love Her All The Time," "Sweet Shine," "Washing Machine" - become cruelly bittersweet. Unreal, in a very literal sense of the word. Is this is worse than when Stereolab's Tim Gane and Laetitia Sadier called it quits? Yes, it is.

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