Richie Hawtin debuts track by local producer m.gervais in NYC

Local producer and Timefog label owner Mike G. a.k.a. m.gervais was elated late last night to find out that the god of all things techno debuted his new track in New York at the Electric Zoo festival this weekend. 

"Chips & Smokes," (an ode to Canadian cult-classic mockumentary Trailer Park Boys) features tight, methodical blips that pour like milk over a heaping bowl of delicious crunchy beats. The track blazes out the speakers to a roar of applause from 0:00 - 1:25.

So how did Gervais find out about this, you ask? How anyone finds out about anything these days: Twitter.

Hawtin has pioneered a program with Native Instruments that currently only himself and M-nus buddy DJ Ambivalent can use and is essentially a DJ Twitter feed that rattles off each track played through the DJ's laptop. 

"He's on our promo list so he receives all our releases, and I saw that my track was on the Twitter feed," Gervais, 27, explains. " And then I started searching around for videos from that festival to see how it was, and this was the first video I saw! It makes me feel good to know the music I put so much time, effort, and love into is being used in performances by one of the biggest names in the genre." 

You can preview the track (and others) here via the Timefog site.