Rhymesayers Unearth Atmosphere's 20-Year-Old "Ear Blister" Video

This year, local indie rap label Rhymesayers have hit 20 years in existence. They're celebrating by digging up artifacts from their early days.

One just emerged in the form of Urban Atmosphere's "Ear Blister," a peek into Atmosphere's initial incarnation in 1995 with rap partner Spawn. Check out the DIY footage and vintage track below.

In the nascent days of Rhymesayers, when Atmosphere was Urban Atmosphere and among those under the umbrella of the rising underground rap outfit Headshots, Slug and Spawn recorded "Ear Blister."

The live staple is one they'd been playing at clubs to build their early fanbase. The song got lost in the mix when the Headshots album Eighteen Shots On a Bus In the Middle of Nowhere wound up not coming to fruition, but it gained a notoriety among Atmosphere fans. 

In conjunction with the episodic release of the documentary A Moment In Rhymesayers, the local bastion label dropped the video of "Ear Blister," and it's every bit as '95 as you'd hope.

Spawn spits internal rhymes in the Skyway with a censored shirt while a young Slug tells you to eat a dick with cheese and pickles in glorious VHS black and white, and there's evidence everywhere of why the group quickly became the face of the growing Minneapolis rap scene for so many. This unearthed gem is a must-watch for anyone interested in local rap lore, recalling the spark of the early days of one of the biggest and longest running underground hip-hop labels ever.


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