Rhymesayers posts video and photos from Eyedea memorial concert


When I wrote about the Celebration of the Life of Micheal "Eyedea" Larsen at First Avenue last week, I noted how the lack of cameras made the event even more intense and sacred. With everyone's attention focused on the stage instead of on fumbling with their camera phones, it lent the evening a stoic solemnity.

[jump] Still, with so many musicians filing on and off the stage, it was a monumental enough evening that it needed some kind of documentation. The write-up I posted immediately following the show gave those who weren't able to make it to the show a window into the events that unfolded, and now Rhymesayers has posted some photos and video of the night captured by the label's staff, in addition to a variety of photos of Larsen throughout his life, along with the simple words "Thank you."

The video that Rhymesayers put together offers a nice overview of the evening, featuring clips of most of the musicians who performed. Fittingly, the soundtrack to the video is an Eyedea & Abilities song, "Here For You."