Rhymesayers Announces 2015 Record Store Day Plans

Soundset isn't the only thing on Rhymesayers' radar these days. In addition to celebrating its 20th anniversary throughout 2015, the tastemaking local hip-hop label has some exciting plans in the works at Fifth Element for Record Store Day on Saturday, April 18.

Along with cool in-store performances, deep discounts on albums and merchandise, and free giveaways and RSD exclusives, Rhymesayers is also putting out a double picture disc vinyl set of Eyedea & Abilities' landmark 2004 album, E&A, the first time it's been released on vinyl in over five years.

If the bountiful Record Store Day exclusives on offer don't get you rushing down to the shop when it opens at 9 a.m., the music lineup surely will. Look for intimate, innovative performances at Fifth Element from these talented acts throughout the day:

Greg Grease
Andrew Broder + Crescent Moon
Freez & Mike Frey

World Street Kitchen's food truck will be on hand to keep you well nourished while you shop for discounted J Dilla records, exclusive Rhymesayers 20 gear, and select releases from their extensive catalog discounted 20 percent for LPs and 50 percent for CDs.

Record Store Day has become a national holiday for music lovers, and with events like what Rhymesayers has planned this year, hip-hop fans have yet another reason to celebrate our illustrious local label.

For updated information and to RSVP, check out Rhymesayers Record Store Day Facebook event page.

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