Rhymesayer Psalm One remembers Eyedea

Psalm One dedicating her show to Eyedea at CMJ
Psalm One dedicating her show to Eyedea at CMJ
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City Pages caught up with Chicago-based Rhymesayer Psalm One after her CMJ showcase at Rose Live Music in Brooklyn this week to talk about her experience at CMJ, her friend Eyedea -- to whom she dedicated the show -- and what to expect from her in the near future.

City Pages: How has your time in New York been for CMJ so far?

Psalm One: New York has always been kind to me. But during this trip, we're getting more intimate. We're having fun. We're courting. Family, friends, and well-wishers have been taking me around, showing me where the great taco places are, blowing up my phone, and getting work in. It's been nice to say the least.

CP: You dedicated your set Tuesday to your Rhymesayers label-mate Eyedea. How are you taking the news of his passing?

PO: Not well. But, I'm surrounded by friends and loved ones so that helps. Before my set, I took a moment to talk to Mikey and tell him we'd all miss him, and to thank him for everything he did for me. I invited him to the show and asked him to sprinkle a little happy around. I hope one day I'll see him again. RIP Mikey.

CP: What is your last memory of him?

My last memory of physically being with Eyedea is freestyling and dancing with him at the Bottom Lounge in Chicago. We performed together in July, and at the end we all hung and I'm so happy we did. He was a pretty good dancer, too- Go figure.

In the wake of his passing, on stage you said that performers must make a memory of each time on stage, call your friends etc. What did you learn from Eyedea that you would like to pass onto others?

One thing in particular, he taught me how to warm up my voice well. Not enough rappers take the time to really take care of their voice. Mikey took the time out to teach me some exercises and gave me so many tips that have helped me to safeguard my voice from injury. The most important lesson I learned from Mikey, was the true value of friendship in an industry where most people are just watching out for themselves.

CP: What do you have coming up in the near future? An album release perhaps?

PO: Of course, I'm finishing up my next album for Rhymesayers, and I have a European tour in December. I'm excited. I've only been to Europe once and it was for three shows. This is over two weeks in places I've never been. Oui, oui. Also, there are some videos in the vault I may be letting out soon. But the album? Next year, for certain.

CP: What is the concept for the new album and what do you want supporters to take away from it?

My story is something that is still a mystery to a lot of people. I am a mystery to a lot of people. It's time to tell my story and let folks get to know me. My skills on the microphone are evident. now, it's time to show people that, besides the talent, we all have things in common. I'm also a silly, silly girl. This album is going to make people smile.


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