Rex leaves. Want to take over MNSpeak?

class=img_thumbleft>Shortly after news came that

A Prairie Home Companion


leave St. Paul

(more links


), the following arrived in our email from "

Prairie Ho

" blogger

Rex Sorgatz

, who runs the essential


: "Hello friends, ...this is a pre-emptive note to hopefully tell you before you hear it elsewhere: Yes, this adamant midwesterner is leaving Minneapolis; yes, I am moving to Seattle; and yes, I am taking a new job at Microsoft. It's the internet, so let's do this FAQ-style:

What will you be doing at the Evil Empire?

This new job, which will be within, involves starting a new team that will be researching and developing new initiatives in online news. Yes, that's vague, but it will be one of those "invent this as you go along" projects. I'm excited.

When do you leave?

Not until after the Winter Olympics. (I'm working on again.) So one more winter in Minnesota.

Are you going to miss Minneapolis?

You have no idea. I have the best friends and colleagues in the world. I'll never be able to recreate what I've had here over the last five years. Never. It was an immensely difficult decision. I mean it.

What are you going to do with MNspeak?

Good question. I'm currently talking to people and companies who might be interested in taking it over.

Are you ever going to update Fimoculous?


Will you miss me?

Heck yah. Come visit! -Rex"

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