Retro flowers, dive-bar doldrums, and strip-club love in this week’s Top 5 MN music videos

This is Hannah von der Hoff.

This is Hannah von der Hoff.

Now that Thanksgiving has passed, we can move headlong into Griping About Christmas Music Season.

Besides excluding to non-Christians, Christmas music is just plain corny. Never have Paul McCartney or Bruce Springsteen sounded more like plasticine knockoffs of themselves than when they’re reaching down into Santa’s sack for a Fourth Quarter jingle.

On the local scene, though, musicians rarely debase themselves to simply cover a Yuletide anthem. Lydia Liza and Josh Lemanski famously turned “Baby It’s Cold Outside” on its head, and more recently the Okee Dokee Brothers muted the religious element of celebrating winter with their record Winterland. What will 2018 bring? Send your non-traditional holiday songs here this December, and I’ll make sure they get just as much attention as the glossy packaged stuff they’re piping into Macy’s.

Another Heaven – “IE”

With their new video, Another Heaven double down on their Joy Division/New Order look and sound. The tape is dated January 1, 1987, fitting the band’s version of that era’s melancholic synthpop, and they play disaffectedly as images of skulls and flowers are projected on a bed sheet behind them. The band’s forthcoming EP FOR EVER FOR EVER FOR EVER FOR EVER FOR EVER FOR EVER will be out on’80s-appropriate cassette starting December 14. The release show for the EP is January 12 at the Kitty Cat Klub.

Part Time Ex's – “Gimme Your Love”

Just before Thanksgiving, blues rockers Part Time Ex’s announced that they’d be dropping a new record this spring. The first harbinger of that album is the rousing, desperate “Gimme Your Love,” which comes with a depressingly relatable video courtesy of director Jonathan Camp. In it, Part Time Ex’s singer Jon Stowell’s attempts to find a companion while bellied up at St. Paul bar Hodges Bend. Despite his many efforts, Stowell ends the night in the arms of his bandmates—which, all things considered, ain’t that bad.

Hannah von der Hoff – “Time Machine”

One of the many entries to screen at the recent Sound Unseen film fest was the new video for Hannah von der Hoff’s new song “Time Machine.” Originally shown alongside other short films at Bryant-Lake Bowl, the video, directed by von der Hoff and Paul Moehring, is deeply cinematic, taking place on a gorgeous beach in Mexico. On that beach, von der Hoff mugs for the camera, the light of day dancing through the lens, exposing her in new saturations as it moves.

GrantD ft. Jysa BP – “Cyclone”

Who among us hasn’t fallen in love with an exotic dancer? In a tale as old as hip-hop itself, Minneapolis singerJysa BP and his Miami companion GrantD lose themselves in admiration over a particularly talented stripper on their new single “Cyclone,” despite their best attempts to resist. Director Vinny Hogan adds the appropriate level of glamor with his MTV-ready video.

MadeByTerry – “‘Nd tha Flow Goes”

The beat for MadeByTerry’s new single “‘Nd tha Flow Goes” borrows so heavily from D’Angelo’s “Jonz in My Bonz” that the Minneapolis rapper credits the song as a cover. Produced by DJ Delinquint and Terry-J, the track is a soulful kickback that’s jolted with some rough voiceovers from Terry himself. For the video, director/editor Grant Benson puts Terry at the center, and the rhymer’s distinctive style transforms the D’Angelo track into a showcase for his lyrical skills, punchline by punchline.

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