Retribution Gospel Choir releases free EP (DOWNLOAD)

Retribution Gospel Choir releases free EP (DOWNLOAD)

Retribution Gospel Choir, the more-strummy side project of Low's Alan Sparhawk, has released a new EP. Titled The Revolution -- not a Prince thing -- the four tracks gather some great vintage rock replete with cowbell, sassy guitar licks, and some full-on shredding. And it occurs all in the span of just under ten minutes.

The cover art, meanwhile, is reminiscent of great big sunburst logos of the 1970s utilized by other three-word bands who like acronyms like Bachman Turner Overdrive, Electric Light Orchestra, and so forth. See below.

Retribution Gospel Choir releases free EP (DOWNLOAD)

"Crank up the bass, and gimme some treble/ I wanna feel it now," Sparhawk sings on the opening track. And that's about how things stay from that point on.

Obtaining the EP will only cost you an e-mail address. Make it one that you actually can check, though.

Retribution Gospel Choir will perform with Caroline Smith & the Good Night Sleeps at First Avenue on April 7. Click



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