Reporter's Notebook: Lookbook

Over the course of three separate interviews for today's Lookbook cover story, I inevitably ended up with more material than I could fit into a 3500-word profile. Here's a few extra tidbits and thoughts from singer Maggie Morrison and guitarist/composer/effects maestro Grant Cutler.

Maggie, on their unique bond:

"You can walk away from so many conversations and so many relationships and be like, you know what, I'm just done with that. But we have so much invested in each other personally and professionally that we can't -- it's not that easy at all."

Grant and Maggie on staying positive on tour, even on an off night:

Grant: If anything, we usually make fans with the bands we're playing with. Like when we played in Philadelphia, and there was nobody at the show, and we played last, and like, it could have been just a total bummer show, but we had our one friend from Philadelphia there, and all the other bands just got up and watched, and they were so excited about it by the end. That makes the whole night. It doesn't matter how many people you're playing for. That interaction and what they're getting out of it - you can get the energy from them. I could play for one super excited person all night.

Maggie: How we interact on stage - that's kind of a byproduct of playing shows to nobody, and have to entertain each other. And that just feels really good.

Grant: It's still really fun to play shows with Maggie. Even if it's the most boring thing we've ever done. At least I can still have a decent time with Maggie on stage, because it's just us, hanging out.

Maggie on playing First Avenue:

"That big room, it's my favorite room to sing in. It's so satisfying. And the sound guys there, now they know exactly what to do with us. It's the best venue in town, by far. There's just no comparison."

On Grant being asked NOT to sing on P.O.S's Audition, and his, um, unique vocal abilities:

Grant: We did get a shout-out on that record, at the beginning of one of the songs. And everybody else in my band, except for me, sings on that "Stand Up" song, during the big "Stand Up" part. I was doing the gang vocal parts and they asked me to step out, because my voice is so weird that it was too distracting. It's weird - I have a weird voice.

Maggie: It's a little shrill.

Grant: I sing twice as loud as everybody else.

Maggie: It's true. When we're on tour and he really wants to piss me off, he'll yell really loud.

Grant: That's like a 50 percent yell.

Maggie: Yeah, I know! I don't want to know what I would do if you yelled as loud as you could.

Grant: It would be the end of the band. That's what it's going to be.

Maggie: Honestly. It annoys me so much.

On Grant's role in their live performances:

Sometimes I take a guitar track out or something, for the live stuff. And I just do effects on Maggie's vocals, and stuff like that. I kind of have to come up with stuff to do - I don't know why I perform sometimes.

Maggie: It'd be really weird if it was just me up there.

Grant: I know. It's weird. I think it needs to have both of us for the energy, and I do like playing the parts that I play, and I think the dynamic is really important. But on some of the songs, I just do like big noise sweeps the whole time, just because, and then sing along or whatever. Shhhhh wchhh. I do that most of the time.

On their unique relationship with Solid Gold:

Maggie: They're like our kinship band. I mean, I think they're kind of the reason why we've gotten a lot of our fans.

Grant: They kind of took us under their wing for a while there. I remember being made fun of at one point, probably in that first year, when it was like, hey, we have a show this Friday, oh with Solid Gold? Yeah. We played with them a lot.

For more on Lookbook, see our full cover story.

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