Reporter's Notebook: Dosh

Describing what Martin Dosh does and how it sounds is no simple matter. He's been in more than a dozen bands and shared the studio and stage with a dozen more. He draws on a vast field of musical touchstones. Want the full Dosh experience? We've created something of an online museum of Dosh. You'll find nothing like it anywhere else.

It all starts with a collection of videos, so you can see Dosh doing what he does. Then we have something we're calling Timeline (+ Sound): a look back at Dosh's bands--16 of them--complete with free MP3 downloads, some of them only available digitally here. Next we have a breakdown of what Dosh calls his "rig"--a tangle of instruments and effects pedals. Finally, we've created a sort of Dosh family tree, with bios and links for each of Dosh's recent collaborators. Enjoy! And if you want to see Dosh for yourself, the Walker just added a second World of Dosh show on May 3rd at 11 PM (the first show sold out). And he'll be headlining at First Avenue on June 27th.

Reporter's Notebook: Dosh

The interweb is crawling with Dosh video. I've combed through it all and picked a few good ones. You can see more live footage (that we can't embed here) at the Schedule Two website.

VIDEO 1: Building Sound--A peek into Dosh's basement from the good people at the Minnesota Daily

VIDEO 2: Andrew Bird and Dosh at the 2006 Bonnaroo Festival doing "Simple Exercises"

VIDEO 3: A live video for "Call the Kettle Back" that breaks down the Dosh process

VIDEO 4: Dosh and Jeremy Ylvisaker with Andrew Bird on Late Night with David Letterman in 2007

Reporter's Notebook: Dosh

Image by Cameron Wittig

Dosh keeps busy. This much is clear. Here we've put together a timeline of Dosh projects with free MP3 downloads we gathered with Dosh's help. Some of them have never been available in digital form. Make your own World of Dosh mix! To download, right click on the song title. To listen, simply click the "Listen" button.

2005-present: Andrew Bird

2003-2005: Redstart


, from the album So Far From Over (2004)

2002-present: Dosh

If You Want to, You Have To

, from the not-yet-released album Wolves and Wishes (2008)

Um, Circles and Squares

, from The Lost Take (2006)

2002-2007: Vicious Vicious

Here Come Tha Police

, from the album Don't Look So Suprised (2004)

2002-2003: T

2002-2003: Captain Blasted

2001: Danny Commando y Los Guapos


, from the album Karmageddon (2002)

2000-2001: Iffy

2000-2005: Fog

High Mummy Road Movie

, from the vinyl only EP Check Fraud (2002)

1999-2004: Lateduster (originally called Cropduster)

Gare De Lyon

, from the album Lateduster (2001)

1999-2002: Greg Cardinal Band

1999-2002:: Animals Expert at Hankering

Improv Part 6


1999-2001: Nasty Goat


, from their Litmus EP (2000)

1997: Payload

1995-1997: King Lovell MD

1991-1997: Como Zoo


, from the album Shivertown (1995)

Reporter's Notebook: Dosh

Image by Cameron Wittig

Watching Dosh do what he does and trying to figure out exactly what is happening can be overwhelming. So to the extent that we can, we've broken it all down here: taking apart his "rig" piece by piece. Ever wondered what all that stuff is? Wonder no more.

Once Dosh started playing with a looping pedal, says his longtime friend and collaborator Andrew Broder, "the rest was history."

If you've made the mistake many have made and assumed Dosh is making all of those sounds with a computer, this pedal is part of the reason. He uses the DD-5.

Dosh mostly uses this machine to cue sounds he can't create on his live rig. A memory card like the one you have in your digital camera stores the data. Problem is, Dr. Sample was made just before the small cards it uses became obsolete, so Dosh trolls the internet and buys them whenever they pop up.


Reporter's Notebook: Dosh





Every thing goes through this mixer and then out through Dosh's headphones. "I've gone through three or four over the years," Dosh says.

Dosh says he uses this "little guy" for "bass tones, and a few organ sounds."

Reporter's Notebook: Dosh

Image by Cameron Wittig

If we went through all of Dosh's collaborations, we'd be here all day. And, well, we already kind of have. So we'll stick to a breakdown of the guests on his new record, Wolves and Wishes--and those who will be joining him on May 3rd at the Walker's World of Dosh event.

Here they are, with a little bit of info and maybe even a YouTube clip.

Erin Dosh Best to start with Martin's wife, Erin. She's done the artwork for many of the Dosh releases--none more masterfully than his latest, which looks like this:

Andrew Bird Bird met Dosh in 2005 and soon thereafter invited him to tour with him as a sort of two-man band. The two have been in an evolving collaboration ever since and are at work on Bird's next release now.

Andrew Broder Broder is best known for his band Fog, which Dosh played in from 2000-2005. Before that, Broder and Dosh were in Lateduster, a band that started off with two drummers, two DJs and two guitars.

David King King is best known as the drummer for Happy Apple and The Bad Plus. When Dosh moved back to Minneapolis in 1997, he studied for a bit with King.

Here's King on the telly with The Bad Plus:

Marshall Lacount Lacount plays in Minneapolis' Woodcat and Dark Dark Dark.

Bonnie 'Prince' Billy Will Oldham probably needs no introduction. Not the case? Okay, here:

Bryan Olson Olson might be best known for his time spent with The Sensational Joint Chiefs. He went on to form Lateduster with Dosh.

Odd Nosdam A DJ and member of the anticon collective, it might be best to explain Odd Nosdom thusly:

Jeremy Ylvisaker These days, Ylvisaker splits his time between shifts in Andrew Bird's touring band and his Minneapolis-based project, Alpha Consumer (which also features Happy Apple's Mike Lewis).

Mike Lewis Lewis splits his time between Happy Apple, Alpha Consumer, and Dosh tours and god knows what else. He's a frighteningly talented...well...EVERYTHING player and, clearly, a good guy to have on your side.

Jel Jel. Well, this is a perfectly respectable way to go out:

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