Replacements' Tommy Stinson visits Let It Be house

Replacements' Tommy Stinson visits Let It Be house

After 20-some years, Tommy Stinson has returned to the house where he and his bandmates in the Replacements were photographed for the cover of Let It Be. As we noted earlier this week, the Stinsons' childhood home in Uptown has been a hallowed spot for 'Mats fans -- even house painters -- ever since the album's 1984 release. With their first shows since 1991 coming up at Riot Fest, it seemed an apt time to look back.

With commentary from Stinson and photographer Daniel Corrigan, who took the picture, A.V. Club's Pop Pilgrims recently got the story behind the legendary shoot.

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"Getting them together was half the battle," Corrigan recalls. "Tommy would wander off, or Bob would be sticking his finger in someone's ear."

The part of the roof where the guys sat was right outside Tommy's little sister's bedroom, and her softball trophies are visible in the window above brother Bob's head. Plus, it's notable that this was a reshoot after a picture of the four of them in an elevator at the U of M campus was rejected by Twin/Tone's Dave Ayers.

Replacements' Tommy Stinson visits Let It Be house

Upon returning to his childhood home, Stinson admits that the moment holds some emotion after recording with Paul Westerberg a few days prior. Likely he's not the only one. Watch the episode here:

Tommy Stinson of The Replacements takes us to his old house

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